Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Metal Month on VH1

So, finally one of these commercial music channels decided to air some hard rock and metal. This time it's VH1, who happen to be celebrating Metal Month during May. Which is quite awesome and kick-ass, but the problem is that these bastards still aren't airing much. I know metal/HR (hard rock) have taken a backseat with the new generation but c'mon man you could still give it more air time. If this month is dedicated to metal then I would expect to see mostly that when I tune into VH1 but again these idiots have not done that! When I first heard of Metal Month I was literally having orgasms at the thought that bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dio etc. will be gracing my boob-tube, but as it so happens I am appalled at the minimal exposure metal is getting despite this being its month.

It is sad to see the current generation opt for genres that I would not even consider music or good music for that matter, hip-hop, gangsta rap (are they fuckin serious?????!!!), soft rock (can rock ever be soft? fuck them!) but hey if that is how these young dimwits wanna go then that's fine by me. Music is supposed to be an expression and metal is known to go to extremes to achieve that effect, from the lyrics to album art and what not metal, is known for such gaudy displays. All hip-hop and rap is about overtly sexual themes and lyrics that are far too unintelligible to make a point. Compare Iron Maiden's "Alexander the Great" to Ying Yang Twins' "Shake it like a salt-shaker" and you will see where I'm comin from. Then we have all these slutty teenyboppers and gay ass boy bands. Music has no meaning in it anymore.

Anyways so VH1 decides to deidcate May to metal which is cool nonetheless. Better than nothing I'd say.

Up the Irons! \m/


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